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About AnnLee

The best way to tell you about me, without starting with I'm this, I do that, and I have done blah, blah, blah! Don't get me wrong, I don't think there's anything wrong with saying what you do, but I want you to know why I have created this blog. Writing is what I enjoy doing as an author, but I don't get a chance to really talk about the day-to-day issues that come up in my head. Sometimes I can be in the middle of a conversation and a topic can come to mind, or something as simple as a word, and I will know that I have to do something with that phrase, topic or word. I have been asked on many occasions to blog, and I have before on other platforms, but I decided to just 'do me' here. Below I will give you a brief overview of some of the things that made me stop and do what I am doing - starting to blog on this platform for all to enjoy or whatever... :--)

I have gotten so tired of the things that are going on around us that seems to be the elephant in the room that no one wants to ask to move, or better yet, no one asks him how did he get there and why is he there. I know some things aren't popular to talk about and some things are down right scary because of the backlash that can come from speaking out. Trust me - I know. I seem to have that problem often. Okay, for example, let's talk about empowerment. What is it? How do you get it and how do you know when you have it? Who says? I don't necessarily have the same definition for empowerment as most people. I believe it comes from a source that we can't achieve by what we have or the education that we have. I don't believe it comes from having your own this or that. No! It dwells in each of us, when we know the source that it comes from. Don't get me wrong now...I believe in having things and being a strong individual, but that's not what empowerment is all about.  

I know that I am gifted and very blessed to have been introduced to my purpose in life (finally), and I'm not fully there yet; but it feels amazing to have tapped into it. I simply change lives for the better. I believe that people should leave me being better than the way they came.  I say things that others think; and my mind can get a little quirky at times, so there are times that I would write something that makes you go, "Did she just say that?" It's all good though. That's just me and I am completely okay with being me. I pray for wisdom and revelation to understand things on a different level; so I am going to share those things with you.  I should have known years ago what I was supposed to do in life but I didn't. I didn't have a mentor or anything. I didn't have anyone to coach me along in my journey. If they were available, I didn't know about them - probably didn't have the money to pay for a coach anyway! Seriously though (well, I was being serious), coaches weren't on every page and link that you click on, because truth be told, there were no links to click because the internet was not a part of our lives. That might sound a little 'dinosaurish' but it's true. I had people who would tell me that ministry was in my future, but I didn't have anyone to say, "Angel, everything that you do is about helping people. People trust in you and tell you their whole life story, because you listen without judging. You should become a counselor." No one said, "Angel, have you ever thought about...." 


Some of those many things that I am talking about that were clues of what I was created to do are:  coaching cheerleading, teaching dance, becoming a Certified Life Coach, a licensed Barber/Stylist, an author that writes about personal places in my life in order for someone else to be healed or to grow. I got tired of seeing relationships destroyed by the enemy (as well as mine almost), so I knew that I have always talked about relationships and its ups and downs, so I was led to become a Certified Marriage Instructor. The latest cave at night that I have started to raid is a non-profit organization that deal with the selling and buying of sexual services amongst students during a school day! (What?? Too bad I don't have an emoji with the mouth open and eyes bucked to show you my look that I had also when I found out about it). Nothing that I have ever done was done because of money, status or anything for myself. I'm a fixer, but for many years I tried to fix from my own might, and boy did that wipe me out completely! I believe that we can make a difference in this world if we'd just take one step at a time with one person at a time. I believe that every single problem have a root cause, and if we can address the root, we can have a better chance at fixing the problem completely. You follow me?


I will talk about relationships, my faith, people, things and places. Other things like what's in the news, entrepreneurship, sex and marriage, infidelity, single living, divorced living, parenting in today's name it I'll address it. Some of the deeper things that I talk about is domestic and sexual abuse and the effect abuse has on individuals and the people that are connected to victims. I talk about trafficking and prostitution and legalism as well as political correctness. The world is going to hell in a handbasket (that just sounded like something I wanted to say - old school), while we are sitting up asking, "Can you say that? Is that the legal definition of that? Uh, you can be sued if you say that!" Come on! Give me a break!

Bottom line is, if it's important to me, then I write about it. If it's not important to me, but comes to mind, then I feel that somebody somewhere needs to hear what I have to say about it. If there's something that I get questions about, I'll address it here on this site. Sometimes it will be simple, and at times it might be a little lengthy, but either way, I promise not to bore you. When I'm done - I'm done.

So, may I invite you into my virtual space and let you in on some of the things that are on my heart and inside of my head. Feel free to let me know what you think. I'm not afraid of sensible dialogue.

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