Hello there! Welcome to my 'space.' I like to call this my personal space because when I write, I get really personal and I share my feelings about things. I also write about things that I won't always have the opportunity to talk about on social media, radio or anywhere. Plus I can reach people that I wouldn't normally be able to reach by blogging. I hope you enjoy it, and if you want to ask me about a certain topic, go for it! I'll be glad to talk about it.

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DISCLAIMER AND WARNING: Although some of the team who would be answering questions and giving words of encouragement could possibly be licensed professionals, I (we) do not recommend anything we say to override or substitute for a professional counseling session. 

We are Christian women, so our chats and information would be Biblical based; however, we respect all walks of life and backgrounds. Feel free to just relax and chat. We like to have a good time and share.