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Finally Home...

Today, I came home. Ahh…the feeling of being in a place that you feel your very best is really priceless. It’s like being at home. Not a house, but a home!

I have experienced a lot of things and been a lot of places, but I have learned to appreciate those things and places that make you feel like yourself – at home.

What do I mean by that? I’ll tell you. Say for example, you have this beautiful form-fitting dress, and your shoes that you’re wearing look like you paid that top designer in the world to fly in to town and come to your house and design them specifically for you. Your undergarments have that dress looking like you were melted down and poured into it and you are the center of attention for the event. Not because you tried, but because you’re just that stunning! Wow! I got caught up in that look for a moment and started thinking about how can I get that look!? LOL You too? Anyway, it’s all good and a good feeling, and you appreciate the look, but at the end of the night…. sweetie, you are ready to unzip that dress, take off the waist cincher, corsets, girdle and anything else that you needed to create the look that wowed everyone. You’re home now, the event is over and those satin pajamas never felt so inviting and comfortable!

My co-worker and I often talk about how nice it is to go on vacation or visit family, but at some point in time you’re ready to go home. The hotel is nice, breakfast is served, and it’s all good. Having a good time going everywhere I want to go…. Then I get homesick. Want my own bed, own room and own everything!

Well, today I had that “ready to get out of that silk and satin out of that tight dress and high-heeled stilettos feeling; and that ready for my own bed feeling. How did I do it? I made my blog official! Yep! That’s like home for me. I get to share my thoughts and the thoughts of others with the world by using words. Words are so amazing to me. They have so much power! Not only do they have power and can be used as a weapon, a healing balm, a conflict resolver…they can allow people to go places they have never been; and they can go as far as allowing people to taste what they’ve never tasted before. If a writer is descriptive enough in their writing, you can experience what he/she is experiencing. That’s the power of words! They are amazing! Well, I’m hardly ever at a lack for words, but sometimes I get a little stumped about what I’m hearing and I don’t utilize them so quickly, and sometimes I don’t use as many as I could use. I just feel that the best conversations are the ones that flow and can be understood. So, oftentimes you will just hear me talking so that anyone can get it.

Anyway, welcome to my house. I hope you don’t mind that I’m so relaxed and just being me. Feel free to be you too! Get your coffee, kick off your shoes, put your feet up and take a load off. AnnLee’s home.

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