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IT doesn't define you, but IT can be purpose driven!

I used to be so self-conscious that I wouldn't dare do a video that I couldn't take the time to fix my hair and make-up, but he can't control me like that anymore. Nooo.... You've lost that game devil! I don't care about what anyone thinks, I am doing the work and that's it.

Oh, don't worry! I didn't allow myself to be so in tune with the video that I didn't pay attention to what I was doing. That's why you're looking up at me instead of at me. hahaha

I wouldn't give the enemy satisfaction for an open door to me like that. If it had what! I would have kept it moving and picked it up when I got to my destination.

I just had to share a moment that came to me that I know is a part of my destiny. You see, I've been praying for clarity and I'm getting it, and you never know when bits and pieces will come to you.

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