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You're Too Fat to Wear That!

You’re Too Fat for Leggings, or Maybe You’re Too Skinny for Leggings!

Oh my word! Did you get offended by me saying ‘you’re too fat for leggings’? Maybe you got offended when I said ‘you’re too skinny for leggings’. Either way, you have a right to be a little disturbed by what I said, because who am I to say who should wear leggings? Sure, we’re only human and we have our personal likes and dislikes but we have to be careful of what we say, how we say it and who we say it to!

Today I read a story about a principal in South Carolina (allegedly) told a group of 9th and 10th grade students this: “IF YOU ARE NOT A SIZE 0 OR A 2, YOU CAN’T WEAR LEGGINGS!” I said allegedly because that’s the language we use if you weren’t there to witness the story yourself. The story goes on to share that she mentions she has said this before, and she also added, “Even if you’re not fat, you will look fat. Although she said, ‘even if you’re not fat, you’ll look fat’ it’s still ugly! That language to me is called ‘smooth over words.’ She didn’t want to say that she thinks you’re fat if you’re bigger than a 2, (because you’re not), it sounds like she wanted it to seem that someone else might think you’re fat if you’re bigger than a size 2 – not her.

You see, I have to stop right here and stop passing judgment on what she actually feels about someone over the size 2 mark; but when you speak stupidity, people will assume what you really mean/meant and how you really feel. She opened herself up to people being offended because even if a person is a size 2 or a 0, they could be offended! The first thing I said to myself (like she should have done), was this: All size 0 and size 2 people don’t look good in leggings! Sometimes a 0 and a 2 can be too skinny depending on the height of a person! That was ugly too! Ugly reaps ugly! Her statement automatically put people in a defensive mode. When we are offended – we want to defend.

“Oh, so you wanna talk about my momma, what about your momma…”

I believe it’s safe to say that’s what is happening around our country today – habitual offending causing defending. That’s another story for another time.

Speaking of the principal again….smh….that was some kind of silliness to say. At this point, she could probably never give a compliment to a girl who isn’t a size 0 or 2, because even if she means it, it won’t sound sincere. She has already made people think that she feels a certain way about people with a certain amount of weight. Could a compliment from her be sincere? Of course! I can say ‘of course’ because I’m an adult and I’m confident in being a size 2+12! LOL I love all parts of me, but again… I’m not a kid under her authority, a kid in general, and I don’t have low self-esteem anymore! Whenever I look at someone who I know feels a certain way about people like me or people who look like me I’m automatically in the thought of ‘nothing they say will surprise me.’ She might have just stepped into that trap herself. As a leader she lost much-needed respect from so many people with one statement. She worked hard to get where she is and in the position that she holds – all to throw it all away. I can say that I know she worked hard to get where she is because just knowing what it takes to become a principal is hard work alone! I’m sure there were obstacles that she came to and worked through and sacrifices made…. but felt so compelled to not only say it once, but more than once (according to her statement). Maybe she should have left well enough alone, since she got away with saying it the first time. Maybe the first time was in the same assembly, but either way, it’s sad.

I’ll leave you with this…

In my opinion leggings (if not chosen and worn properly) can be inappropriate attire for school, work or any other public place. Inappropriate as in ‘not suited.’ Leggings can sometimes be inexpensive, easy to slip on, very forgiving with weight gain/weight loss, easy to dress up or dress down, lasts a long time and very comfortable (given they are the right size); but here’s a few things to keep in mind when shopping for leggings.

The picture to the right is not only a NO, but a heeeeeck no!

  • Some leggings aren’t made out of the right fabric (too thin). Make sure they are thick enough.

  • Unless in a gym, leggings should be worn with a shirt that covers your bottom (butt).

  • Proper panties should be worn with leggings (proper as in color and style makes a big difference)

  • Proper size (leggings that have to stretch too far, will also be thinner). The proper fit helps it maintain ‘the integrity.’ lol

  • Ask a TRUSTED individual if they can see through them or not before you leave the house. If no one is available go to the best light, which is the bathroom in most homes.

  • If you shop at a foreign store, don’t be fooled by the sizes printed on the tag. Go up 3-4 sizes and you just might get it right. LOL

I’ve made choices that weren’t the best ones and didn’t notice until I got out in the sun and had an ‘OMGosh! moment. I’m not a legginologist or anything, but it doesn’t take a genius to be able to share personal experience and knowledge.

Last but definitely not least… People, face it! All body types can’t wear everything the same way – if at all. Ladies, you look fabulous, so capitalize on that fabulosity and do what works best for your body type. Be honest! You know what you should and shouldn’t be wearing as well as how it should be worn.

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