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It's Complicated - 40 the new 20, and 50 the new 30? How?

Forty might be the new 20, and 50 might be the new 30, but when it comes to some things such as body image, energy levels and SEX, it can be challenging. Women can sometimes have a close friend within who likes to speak negative things that can be hard to overcome. That close friend within, if you haven’t figured it out is that person that is always with you – YOU. It can be difficult to feel beautiful and sexy, with so many things going on in our lives every day, but we wear our masks well. We have the outside world fooled into thinking that we don’t have those issues, but the truth shows up in places that is most important – in our relationship/our marriage. You CAN overcome those negative thoughts about yourself. You can be content with the way you look from head to toe. You are the bomb! Listen, you’re not the only one changing with the passing of days – we all are—even your spouse. You see, we as women forget that we’re not 45 and our spouses stayed at 30! Nooo! We’ve had the children and the busy schedule and “life.” It’s okay. Most of the time our spouses don’t see the image that we see anyway. We are so hard on ourselves and then any little thing our mate says, we take it personal. If my husband says he likes another outfit over the one that I have on, I’d say, “What, you don’t like this one? What’s wrong with this one? I thought you liked it.” Woe, woe!! He didn’t say anything about disliking it. Chances are I wasn’t as confident in that outfit in the first place, or any outfit for that matter.

Ladies, you can live a life of freedom again or for the first time. Know that you are amazing. You are beautiful. You are sexy. Most of all, you are you and as long as you are being the best you that you can be, that’s all that you can do.

So feel free to reintroduce your 45-year old self to your 20-year old self and say, “Girl, you are hot! You got it going on!” I promise you, if you start acting it, your mind will feel it, your eyes will see ityou’re your heart will believe it; and your spouse will love it! Take the challenge! I did!

Seek first to understand than to be understood.

~Stephen Covey

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