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WWAD! I meant, WWJD

Several years ago WWJD was a trend...a phrase, that made people think before they reacted; and so many young people (older alike) took if gl heart; but it should have never been a trend! That’s how we should decide on every single thing we do in life. It’s not always easy, but would be life changing for us ALL! The country that we live in is DIVIDED and CORRUPTED because of head decisions instead of heart decisions. Not just in politics, but in companies and in our homes and businesses. We don’t care what anyone other than ourselves will do. “Who cares what Jesus thinks? I’m not Jesus! I’m a person - a human with feelings!!” Isn’t that bod we act? Not shag we say, but how we act? Sounds harsh, we’ll it is! I rather sound harsh than be harsh about WWJD! It’s not about what my madness or hurt feelings would do, because feelings change, pain heals, and if you’re in any way in Christ the anger should go away too. If we make permanent decisions over temporary problems, the decision has consequences. I’m talking major consequences. I have made decisions that weren’t what I would have wanted to do had I not looked at how it would effect my children later. See, they will be my kids forever - until I die. I rather swallow my pride and my tears in order to get through it now instead of dealing with it later and it being the elephant in the room or sometimes the elephant in their heart. We want people to react to our pain but forget that someone else might be hurting. That’s what good old compromising is for. When you truly love someone, your way is what is BEST, instead of the way it was when you were a child. As a child it’s my way of no way because I’m mad and my feelings are hurt! That’s childish. I have made decisions that I know had it not been for my future, I would have chosen to do those things totally different, but it wasn’t about me! I didn’t always think “with the end in mind” like I do now. When I was a child I spoke as a child, but when I grew up I put away childish things. Some of us are still acting like children, and I think I can be safe saying that I believe God might have been talking about being a child in your Christian walk—not just age. I say that because we can love the Lord and be Christians, but are still babies in our doing what He would have us do. Then we say, “God knows our heart.” He does, and you know what He says about our hearts! Jeremiah 17:9-10 tells us that the heart is wicked and full of deceit and who can know “it”, and says the Lord searches if and gives according to his ways and the fruit of his doings. That tells me that we can fool anyone but God and He judges that heart. That’s tough, but good when you’re fighting the matters of this world. People will think what they wish, but having God examine your heart will make all the difference when you constantly ask Him to come in and clean it up. By the way, God doesn’t use Febreeze to cover up stink - He cleanses if with His blood! In politics some would rather go against their beliefs in order to get what they want. Causing pain for many. In families, sometimes members would want what looks like the biggest side of the wishbone to be theirs in order to appease their mind and heart; but I promise you, if your heart would live up with the WORD of God and WWJD, you would want what is best for everyone - not just yourself. Leaders (anyone in this case) who want everyone on one side in order to destroy something or someone else has an evil heart. More politicians are crying Lord Lord, in the name of God, but have no intentions of doing what is right. God will be the judge of those things and those hearts - not us. The hardest thing I ever had to do was to start asking God to bless the person who betrayed me and tried to destroy me and my family. She did everything she could do to appease her low self-esteem and no self-respect, but in order to do what God said I must do to be free....I did it. I started out asking God to help me pray for the person that I couldn’t care less if I heard that she disappeared. I believe he honored that because it was true. It was my truth and my pain revealed to the God who knew it all anyway. If he knew, then why did I have to tell him? It’s His way of seeing if you would be open and honest with myself. If I couldn’t be honest with myself, I couldn’t be honest with anyone; is He hates a proud heart! It’s an abomination! (PROVERBS 16:5). So, I shared my hurt and dislike with my Father, who held me in His arms and said, “I know, but it will be okay.” My layers eventually got to mixture of blessing her and showing her herself! LOL. You know! Don’t try to act like you haven’t thrown some shade in your prayer! LOL. Then, I finally got to the blessings, the healing and really started to feel less and less pain and anger during the prayer. It was so hard at first that I would cry trying to say the words that I knew I needed go say, but if you say it anyway, you’ll start meaning it. Listen.... VERY IMPORTANT HERE: Wanting failure for someone else is wanting failure for you and your own family. Never think that success is etched in stone for you and your family that things can’t change. Never think that you don’t need anyone except who you already have, because God can show you differently and will show you if He has to. We are not our own. If we do what we were called to do, and pray without ceasing He will direct our paths! Do you even know what you’re called to do, or are you too focused on what isn’t going your way to invite Him in to showing you. We CHOOSE what we think we should be doing by how natural it comes of his rash it is. Sometimes we do things out of what works best for us at the time because it requires little to no work; but you’re only cheating yourself. Now, WWJD and what would HE have you do? It’s not about what YOU and your heart would do - if it didn’t come from Him. 

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