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Generational Curses and Blessings

Generational curses are as real as generational blessings. What does generational mean? It means from your great great great down to your childrens’ children and beyond. You pass down either one, and you can also break either one! How do we break generational curses? Without going deeper into Biblical detail, let me speak in today’s language (current situations) for understanding. Sometimes we have to make a conscious effort to STOP things that are normal in our families, such as drinking, drugging, promiscuity, family DIVISION, poverty, living on the government, divorce, etc. You can break the cycle by making a choice, but the blood of Jesus breaks the curse! How can we expect our children to have great relationships with their siblings when we CHOOSE to have broken relationships with our siblings? How do you think your children will be with you as a parent when you don’t have connections with your parents. How do you claim to love God and take your children to worship and love a God they haven’t seen, when you teach by your actions to hate the family they do see or can see? How do you teach your children love when they clearly see you practice hate? How does that work? It might work now, but you’re planting an orchard of rotten fruit and I wouldn’t want to leave my children to harvest that fruit in their adult lives when I’m too old to help them make the change later. You ARE your children. You are setting the guide and path for them to take. You can say, “I don’t teach them against anyone. I don’t tell them anything.” Right! You don’t! They see your actions and hear what you don’t say! Maybe they actually hear what you say when you think they’re not listening. 

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