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You have to go through to get through

I was thinking about a phrase this morning and I had to hop on Instagram and find a picture that went with the phrase. It made me think about one of my trips to the east coast and this is what I said.

I have a real problem with being closed in anywhere! From an elevator to a small bathroom! Lol. I remember traveling from New Jersey to New York and a tunnel similar to the picture made me nearly panic enough to want to get out of the car. My husband said, “Where are you going to go? We can’t turn around because it’s one way, and that’s the only way we can get to where we’re going! Calm down. We’ll be out of it in a minute.” Needless to say that was the longest so-called minute! I understand now. I understood then, but now it makes so much sense because that’s how we do in life. We panic in unfamiliar places or get impatient and want to stop or turn around. Don’t stop! If you turn around, you’ll have to start over. Keep going - the other side is simply breathtaking (in a good way)! 

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