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Is that your measuring stick?

I don’t know about you, but I am worn out hearing about comparisons in people. You know, “Obama did...” or “Bush didn’t...” “My last supervisor didn’t... (I know that phrase...I’ve only had about 6 or 7 lieutenants in my 20 years)! You know I’m talking to myself here, but God! God reveals to heal. Come on now! Okay, I’m 

Let’s bring it back down to terms that are more on our level. “I’m better than his last girlfriend” or “His ex-wife used to...” and “I didn’t have these problems with my ex-wife!”  

Our measuring stick or how we measure things is broken! We’re trying to fix a crack by a crack! We are trying to be better than another flawed individual. As long as we have something that we can say that we are better than, we’re not that bad.

How about comparing ourselves to the Perfct One! How about saying, “How does this line up with God’s ways! If we choose to be more like Jesus, it would not matter what the last person did or does. Our predecessors are not our measuring stick. Be the best version of yourself, and see how you stand up to the standard thatGod has set, then we will be our absolute best!

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