Know YOU Before Me

Know YOURSELF. There is only one for sure relationship that depends on you and you only, and that’s the one with the Father. Other relationships, well... lol You know what I’ve learned? I’ve learned that some people don’t even like themselves! They’re not being funny or acting ugly. They are barely surviving emotionally and sometimes physically. They are not at peace, and you want a piece! This goes for men and women! We must see the brokenness of others even when they don’t show it. “How do you see it when they don’t show it?” Glad you asked. Keep moving with YOUR life and commit them into the hands of God. Stop holding yourself up through locked or scattered emotions, and live!

I am sharing this because I feel that relationships are so important and soooo many of us have unhealthy relationships because we are unhealthy (emotionally) and we’re hooking up with unhealthy people. That’s a disaster waiting to happen. That’s like dancing on the top of the edge of the mountain. Some people are barely masking (you heard me) Monday through Friday and you’re trying to get them on Saturday after they’ve removed the mask of survival. 

(Do) You see now? You see that they are depleting their ability to survive, but you thought it was you because you don’t know you; and they thought it was you because they didn’t know themselves. Know yourself boo! 😊 I can’t know you if I don’t know me! 

© 2017 by Angel Tucker-Carr

DISCLAIMER AND WARNING: Although some of the team who would be answering questions and giving words of encouragement could possibly be licensed professionals, I (we) do not recommend anything we say to override or substitute for a professional counseling session. 

We are Christian women, so our chats and information would be Biblical based; however, we respect all walks of life and backgrounds. Feel free to just relax and chat. We like to have a good time and share.