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The Work-preneur

When we hear the word entrepreneur most of us automatically think of a few words that might describe what we think an entrepreneur is. I’m raising both hands because I’m one of the ‘most.’ A work-preneneur could be defined as someone who has a business and still hold a regular 8-5. Maybe it’s not an 8-5, but they have a job in addition to their business. I’ve been privileged and blessed to have spent quality ample time with women and men (especially women) who are full-time entrepreneurs and many own multi-million dollar companies. I admire their accomplishments. Some of the stories are mind blowing when you hear of the obstacles they hurdled over to get to where they are today. Some credit a challenging childhood or adversity that pushed them to do what they do, while others might detail a divorce, personal pain or a death of a loved one. Whatever it may be, I respect what they do. I was reading one of the best books I’ve ever picked up, and something I saw stopped me mid-sentence. The writer was talking about the success of hair mogul, guru or whatever you want to call the brilliant John Paul Mitchell. I had never heard his story, but I’ve admired him all of my adult days! He’s one of the best in the business. The writer talked about the 24 hours that we all get in a day, and he went on to ask if John Paul and other highly accomplished people had more than 24 hours to work in their day to become who they’ve become. My husband used to say that phrase often, and although it’s a true statement, it’s not one that you want to make to your wife who just came from work and went straight to the kitchen to cook dinner while you work on your business. He would always say that when I was doing something for the family and he was doing ‘business’ or making business calls, e-mails or texts. Although I know what he means about the 24 hours, but there’s a good time and a not-so-good time to say those things. Either way, the seeds were planted to make me see how I can work my 24. When the season was right, those seeds sown in disgust started to take root and bloom. After those seeds of wisdom started to take root, it wasn’t as hard to take in the 24-hour statement. I’ve since learned how to relate to the 24 hours in a day statement and use it to be better. Here’s where and how I started: * I learned that my schedule is my schedule * I checked to see where I could actually find time by giving up some things that I didn’t really need to be doing. * Made a decision to check messages in limited blocks instead of throughout the day. * I learned that I have to be okay with where I am at the time in my life. * Prioritized my relationships and the people therein. * Learned to give up the guilt! * Learned to pray and give my list to God. He can do more with it than I can! Just those few things will help you get started with using your 24 hours wisely. You’re probably thinking, this long blog isn’t helping with my time, but just like reading this book I’m reading, what I gained from the book is worth the time because of the value I’m gaining from its content. When I say I learned that my schedule is my schedule, it is! It’s easier for someone who works 4 hours to do some things an 8-hour employee can’t do. It’s easier for a person to get things done who doesn’t have a small child to haul off to school each morning than a person whose children drive themselves. I have a senior in high school and it’s the last semester which is super busy! My 24 hours is fuller than the empty nester who doesn’t have a busy schedule. I might have three hours to get cooking, cleaning, eating, bathing and handling business! An empty nester might not understand my obligations, and that’s okay as long as I do. That’s where we have to do what we can with what we have. My daughter won’t always be a last-semester senior in high school! That goes for moms with newborns, toddlers, etc. Your babies won’t always be babies. You will move past that later, mom. Be honest with yourself and acknowledge when you’re wasting time. I was so tired from my normal days at work that I felt I didn’t have time after work or the mental strength to do anything, which caused me to lose weeks, months and at times years! I chose to say, “I’m going to rest instead of work! I had to learn how to dig within and see where the mental tiredness was coming from and make changes where I could. It worked! Those things that I could say ‘no’ to, I did. Don’t get me wrong, we can always say no, but on a job...some things you don’t have the option of ‘no’ without consequences but sometimes we can; so exercise your ‘no’ wherever and whenever you can if necessary. If you can’t just quit obsessing over mail and social media and quit cold turkey because you feel the need to see who sent a message, go ahead; BUT, do so without responding or commenting right away. Comment during your set-aside block. Some bloggers and people who post to make contact with their audience might need to be on line more than the next person, but schedule it. I had times that I had to get things off my heart right then and there because my creativity of writing doesn’t know how to break. Quite frankly, I’m glad it doesn’t now. It’s okay to want to write right away, but write it in your notes and post it later when you have time to respond to your audience. Keep the people you care about on your list. Trust me, people aren’t Christmas toys that you can put down without communication and pick them back up when you’re ready. Neither is it fair to treat people that way. Communicate what is going on and real friends and people who care will understand better. It’s one thing to reach the top of the ladder and realize all of the steps you had going up are broken. Give up the guilt that you’re missing Girls Nights Out or the latest event you wanted to attend. There will be more times to go out or to attend something else. In addition to the guilt of when you decide to do something you wanted to do. Drop the guilt of ‘I should have stayed home and did my...’ or “I should have...” Go with the decision you make in wisdom. Believe me, you must have balance in your life. All work and no play is not much (if at all) better than all play and no work. Giving up everything to get something has its limits! Im praying that you find exactly what you’re looking for! Don’t forget everything you think you need have been put in you already. After all, He knows what really matters on your list and have the power to make it happen anyway. Trust Him. One step at a time. You will get there! Lady Angel Carr 

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