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Me and You Will Never Part

I love to study relationships and the people therein, thereof, etc. I believe they are so powerful that they can make or break a person. They are powerful enough to drive people away, and also bring them closer. People travel across the world just to find love! I have a friend that I met near 15 years ago at an event, and we have been friends since. I can’t imagine not being in touch with her. Even when we have time apart from talking, we’re like two girls on a playground when we see each other. As I said, we met at an event and each year at the same time we would plan our meet up again and spend time in classes/training, talking, eating lunch, and having a blast. Sundays were always hard for us because that meant we are leaving each other for yet another year. Since we’ve stopped meeting at the conference, we both have deep withdrawals around June-July. We realized that was our conference time that we were accustomed to attending and we ‘felt’ that time in our beings. The conference brought us together, but who we are kept us together. The last year we attended, I almost stayed home but I went anyway. I had no idea we were both in such a low place emotionally and we needed each other like never before. We spent more time having talks and lunch (and more talks) than attending class. That took our friendship to another level. It was priceless. Relationships make the world go round. They are the foundation of the world. We were created for relationships and I believe the attack on relationships is that very reason. They’re fragile no matter how strong you think yours is - they take work; communication, love (first after God), understanding, honesty, and being vulnerable. So many people treat them like last decade’s style—irrelevant, but too soon they forget that all styles will come around again! the good pieces! Lol, Don’t destroy every shred of that relationship with your mouth and loose-cannon emotions! Back up, move on, and let it go! Don’t jab until you get a reaction. You might not be able to fix that hole that you dig! In my studying and observations of relationships, I see how we as people treat each other, and we wonder why there aren’t many true bonds in life. The pendulum should never swing as fast as it does when it comes to being in a relationship. Have you ever wondered why you can be as thick as thieves with someone and then it turns out to have the look of a summer garden in the wintertime? It happens, but why? There are many reasons it happens. * People are no longer connected to the person that connected you in the first place. * They found someone new! * Laziness! Being lazy and not communicating can cause a person to feel like they are no longer loved or desired. * One of you no longer has the issue or the problem that brought you two together. * They don’t want to be reminded of THEIR past, so they start over new - without you. 🤔 * They weren’t true in the first place. * You weren’t really connected by the connector - the heart. * They allowed themselves to let a problem fester instead of dealing with it firsthand. Whether the problem was with you or someone mutual. * They are having their own issues! ‘They’ refers to either party - you or them. It is so sad that we as people feel that we can just throw people away. Our children are seeing that. The people around us who look up to us are seeing that. I like to put it like this, if my lion bit you when you were at my house, you can and should be mad at my lion, but I didn’t bite you! Why are you mad at me? Avoid my home when the lion is there, but don’t throw me away with the lion!! Geesh! That’s how we treat each other. We clear our plates of everything on it just because we don’t like the entree. That is is stupid! Did you know the very thing that you get rid of just might be the one thing you need in your life? The enemy has tricked you out of your blessing because of where it came from. Then we are right back to square one, but we think we’re five steps ahead because we started all over. You might come to a time in which you have to disconnect because of where you are emotionally in life, but that should not cause any of us to become complete strangers when we talk to that person or see them—or avoid them. Let us remember what we were created for, and give the enemy less of what he wants. We have the power and authority to do just that! ❤️❤️ 

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