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I'm sorry. The devil made me do it!

When either a man or a woman steps outside of his or her relationship to seek from someone else, what he or she feels they are in need of, but failed to communicate those needs to his or her own spouse, then that fault is none other than the one who chose to do the seeking.

People, especially women, blame themselves for the person stepping out on them. Why? Everybody wants to blame someone for their choices instead of themselves. Ladies, don’t do that to yourself. I can say that goes for men too, but really, face it…men and women most times cheat for two totally different reason. I’ll talk about those reasons a little later.

It’s so much easier to just say someone is slacking or lacking and that tends to make it alright in today’s society. You’ve heard the phrase, “If you don’t someone else will.” People tend to wonder what a woman was not doing with her husband at home that made him want to be with someone else. Can I tell you that it’s hardly ever what a person was or was not doing? It’s not about how that person looks. Usually it’s what the other person (the seeker) is missing on the inside that makes him or her feel the need to seek after something new. It’s easy to say that “the devil made me do it”, but the devil didn’t put it in your mind and continue to feed those thoughts. You can’t flirt with sin! Sin starts in the mind and the body will soon follow. What you think about you will bring about! When thoughts that are not healthy thoughts come to mind – replace them with something else. Replace them with what builds and not tear down. I’m telling you, it’s not worth it.

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