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Momma was right!

I am still chuckling inside! Yesterday, I was off from work and decided that I would take my daughter to sign up for a membership at the gym. Me, her and my husband had gone up to the gym the week before and took a tour and got prices and said that we would think about when to join. Of course, we received a coupon in the mail (go figure), that advertised zero down, and yes, you got it...yesterday was the last day. Me being me, I immediately asked the front desk clerk whether it was a ploy to get me in or would I really be saving a down payment. It wasn't a down payment, but I did walk out of there paying the first month installment. I wasn't mad or surprised because I already knew there would be something attached to that 'no down payment' and we were going to join anyway; so why waste the emotion! Anyway, let me get back to the point.

It has been such a draining week with good things and things that weren't good at all that was beyond our human control. I have been juggling work, getting calls and updates at home about what was going on at work, and then my lieutenant's dad passed; I've been going back and forth with apartment complexes out of town for my son's school year start up. (Whew! I said that all in one breath - run on!) Back and forth out of town with my husband's baseball team and my daughter's track! Needless to say I am tired. Did I mention I'm in school for the summer term and I have 5-7 assignments due per week - including papers to write! Then I get back to town Saturday, and found out that my aunt (my mom's baby sister) had passed that morning. Bomber! I didn't think it would happen like that. I had seen her and knew that she was peaceful and strong, but it is always a shocker no matter what. So, I was know, I think I am in need of something too. Let's go get that membership. I was tired enough inside to just throw on something and go, but I couldn't. The inaudible voice of my mom shouted in my head as it does when I attempt to 'just go.' Mom would always say, "Comb your hair back and paint your lips!" That meant comb your hair and put on lipstick. I think the comb it back came from when she'd let her hair grow out, she would comb it back into a beautiful black bun and put on her Cherries Jubilee lipstick by Avon. Her Nut Brown powder would accompany her everywhere she'd go. Must I not forget the earbobs. lol My grandmother would call them ear screws. So, I combed my hair (which that is a no brainer), applied my natural-look makeup and my daughter got ready and we headed to the gym. It's not far from my house, so that would be another reason to just hop up and go - nah.

We get to the gym and we're standing at the counter with a young lady and a gentleman who was trying to do too much and was borderline putting me on the back burner. Everybody who walked up he took care of first. I kept my patience and cool and just waited. Finally the young lady said, "I got her. I'll help you ma'am." I said, 'Thank you' with a little bit of 'Good! because he wasn't' attitude. I know, I know! He's still working on that part of me. Standing there at the counter, up walks my handsome nephew! It (him being a trainer) clicked with me when he walked up. I remember him being a trainer at a gym, but I didn't pay attention to which gym it was. Not because I didn't care, I just didn't plan on working out. LMBO! We hear what interests us. lol

The first thing I thought about was, "Oh my word! I'm so glad that I'm looking like someone he wants to claim as his aunt." I know you're probably thinking, back in the day, our moms and aunts came to the school with their moo moos on. Right, so did my aunt, but this is not back in the day and I'm not them. I don't care what anyone says, some people don't make you want to claim them. Just think about it now. Sometimes their actions make you think twice about claiming them! Anyway, that voice in my head said, "See. Mom was right once again!" He was so happy to see us and we were equally or more happy to see him. Talk about confirming the lesson that I already knew was right...she did it again. Mom's voice will always hang around in my head to help guide me. My husband likes to tell me that my mom isn't always right---especially when I would blurt out with, "My momma said..." or "Momma taught me..."

Hahaha Too funny.

Well, I'm an advocate of Dare to Bare Your Beauty, so there you have it. It's great to be confident in the person that God created, but just because He created it doesn't mean you're not supposed to care for it.

Pull your hair back and paint your lips. Never know who you're going to run in to! Hahaha

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